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It is with great pleaser, we welcome you to Shanto-Mariam University of Creative Technology (SMUCT), distinguished for offering quality education relevant to the ever increasing demands of our knowledge based society. Our's is a specialized institution, unique of its kind in the country. We have a learned faculty of teachers dedicated to inspire & educate students to explore and develop their full potential talent in their respective field of our academic interest. We are sure, like your.



The aim of SMUCT

The aim of the Shanto-Mariam University of Creative Technology (SMUCT) is to produce versatile and resourceful practitioners with Design, scientific, technological, cultural and social knowledge to equip them for the 21st Century, in an educational environment which fosters innovation, enterprise and commitment for excellence.

Mission statement of SMUCT

To make the University a CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE and of International standard, to groom up the young generation in developing their intelligence quotient [IQ] to match the challenging demand of the job-market with scope for further learning through DISTANCE EDUCATION to enable them become productive, generating collective and tangible benet for self as well as for the community without any discrimination of race, ethnic group, region, cast or cultural background. This University is also committed to giving due respect to the intellectual and creative potential and dignity of all sta, students and fellow human beings to integrate them for a common mission of productive education and culture.

Strategy of SMUCT

The mission will be accomplished by the provision of imparting quality education to the youth of Bangladesh so that they may be able to meet and overcome the challenges of the future. The University will arrange seminars, workshops, training facilities for the purpose and in consultation with the commerce, industry and other creative sectors in order that the students become more competitive, functionally eective and recognized globally. The University will also support and sponsor research in all areas to promote social progress, awareness and thus ensuring economic development. The basic focus of imparting quality and meaningful education of International standard to the young generation of our society will be primarily aimed at infusing the culture of quality improvement and maximization of productivity in their areas of expertise. Total devotion to productive work should be considered as their motto of higher education


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