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With  a view to  keeping pace with  the  world's changing socio-economic scenario Shanto-Mariam Foundation delightfully agreed to a proposal by China Radio  International (CRI}, one  of the  largest international broadcasting stations of  the  world, to  set  up  a Chinese language and  culture center In the name and  style  of  CRI-SMF Confucius Classroom (CSCC)  in Dhaka.


Objectives :

  • To create and strengthen the teaching faculty of Chinese language and  culture in Bangladesh
  • To revamp the polygonal relations between the two peoples of China and Bangladesh through fluent and constant interactions in both Chinese and Bangia- the twa tongues that  should infuse fresh blood in the ongoing status quo
  • To  create a platform for  bilateral cooperation to help  boost trade, economy, education, social fabric, science & technology, etc.
  • To promote  joint entrepreneurship  for most effective utilization of the abundant natural resources of Bangladesh

Courses on offer

A. For Bangladeshis :

  • Courses on Communication Chinese (3-Month per Level up to 6th Level)
  • 6-Month Certificate to 1-Year  Diploma Courses on Business Chinese
  • 6-Month Children's Language Course
  • 1-Month Survival Chinese for tourists/travelers
  • HSK (Chinese Language Proficiency Test)  twice a year
  • Chinese Art  & Craft Course

B. For the Chinese citizens living in Bangladesh :

  • 3-6 Months Elementary Bangia for Communication

Other services offered :

  • Bangla ChlnesemBangla translation services
  • lnterpreter(s) if and when necessary
  • Consultancy/guida on Higher Education in China
  • Business guide for both Bangladeshi and Chinese entrepreneurs/investors
  • Travel Guide for China tours

Achievements :

Following are some of the remarkable achievements CSCC made so far:

  • A good number of enthusiastic Bangladeshi and Chinese students enrolled
  • Won scholarship for three  students for higher studies  in China (2010 & 2011)
  • Took part in the month-long National Book Fairs 2010 and 2011 at the Bangia Academy premises
  • Presented papers on a broad spectrum of subjects ranging from Slno-Bangla literatures to cultures hosted by Bangia Academy, Nazrul Institute, Shilpakala Academy, etc.
  • Hosted a Children's Art Competition & Prize-giving Ceremony on Shanghai World Expo 2010 on July 20, 2010
  • Accorded reception to two distinguished Chinese scholars on Rablndranath Tagore In March 2011. The gala was attended by a number of Government Ministers and Secretaries, elites, scholars and erudite of the country
  • Conducted a short Chinese course for a batch of 20 Bangladesh Air Force personnel and another batch is in the pipeline. Bangladesh Army & Navy also have shown interests.
  • Hosted a month-long lV program entitled 'Learn Chinese in Bangia' on Desh 1V's "Durpath (distance learning)" In May-June 2011

Our parents & partners :

CRI-SMF Confucius Classroom Dhaka (CSCC), is a joint venture academic institution of China Radio International, the largest overseas broadcasting station of China with programs broadcasting in 53 languages and Shanto-Mariam Foundation, Dhaka Bangladesh undertaking operations under the aegis of Hanban i.e. Chinese Language Council International or Confucius lnstttute Headquarters housed in Beijing China. CSCC offers oppor­ tunities to those who intend to learn Chinese language. SMF aims at creative and job-oriented education to develop skilled human resources for the industry at home and abroad.

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