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Sundarban Express Transportation System (SETS) ltd.



Sundarban Express Transportation System (SETS) Ltd. is another transport oriented company of Sundarban Group of Companies, To support our up growing export oriented Garments Sector and others SETS has started its journey from 1998, Around 200 cargos and covered vans are engaged for the business, SETS carries good by Aeroplane, shipping agencies and transport service besides providing thousands of employment opportunities. Recently SETS has started its venture in Malaysia with a separate registration.

Our Mission and Vision :

Our goal is to expand Trade and Commerce within the country Linking communications support, Extending fastest service in time and creating employment opportunities for unemployed youths which will help in the social and economic development of the country.

Sundarban Express Transportation System (SETS) Ltd. aims to create employment opportunities for the educated and uneducated unemployed youth of the country, develop skilled working force through human resource development, contribute to socio-economic development.

Activities :

Sundarban Express Transportation System (SETS) Ltd. provide services in the following area.

  • General service
  • Express service
  • Super ¬†Express Service
  • Non-Docs Service
  • Value declared service
  • Parcel Service
  • To-Pay ¬†Service
  • Condition Booking Service
  • International Service
  • Remittance Service
  • Mobile Banking Service
  • E-Traffle Service (for Police)

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