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Mannequins play a special role in presenting fashion garments to customers and making them look attractive. They encourage customers to buy a ganment and help them to make a choice. Dress forms are much required in garments companies and fashion Institutes. It is especially needed in teaching fashion design courses in universities and fashion institutes. So far these materials were imported from abroad. For the first time in Bangladesh, Shanto Mariam Foundation has tsken the initiative to manufacture creative mannequin and dress forms and supplied its products to many institutes and organizations (e.g. BIFT, NIFT, Team Source, APR, Panas, Trust Sweater, Tapestry). Apart from that many show rooms and boutique houses were supplied with mannequins. This will turn into profitable industrial venture when the market will grow to all these organizations and six thousand garments industries in Bangladesh. Many employment opportunities will be created. To us each mannequin is a sculpture. There is no alternative to this in marketing fashion garments. We hope that our small effort will expand further in the future.









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