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The latest innovation within the University has been to create a Design Centre named the "Creative Destination". The purpose of this Centre is to provide all aspects of Design, marketing and culture. Here, research and product development, quality enhancement, the use of latest technologies as well as continuing education such as workshops and seminars, will be conducted.


The Centre of  Excellence will  strive  to  perpetuate design  into  all commercial and  manufacturing industries through providing experienced designers on a contract basis, to  "pump-prime" design  strategy and produce Innovative  product development.

This will also be a venue where ideas generation and exchange between experienced designers can take place, where enhancement of design and quality of product suitable for world markets can be displayed and a data bank of resource infollTlation is collated making the "Creative Destination"  a "one-stop-shop" for all aspects of design.

The Design  Centre  Gallery will offer  the opportunity for students and artists  to display  and sell their work. This Display Area wil be used  to show the  students' collections and as a venue  for Innovative  product display  and small Trade  Fairs. As the  country's unique  culture is part  of  our  national  identity  it should  be  cherished and nourished as has  been  sadly  neglected in the  past.  The Creative Destination will play  a pivotal  role  and by organizing cultural  events, locally and internationally,  will try to reverse this trend, by nurturing forgotten talents from throughout the country. By utilizing our abundant natural resources such as jute, bamboo, cane and leather and developing well designed quality products, this sector could supplement" garments" as a prime export. The indigenous local handicrafts can also be developed to become world-class and this can act like a catalytic agent for the rural poor to raise them above the poverty line, while remaining in their local environment. The key to this development is the creation of high quality products, design  for world markets and marketed in an international way. The  establishment of  "Craft  Village" in the  rural  areas,  renowned for  their  specific products, is where workshops on design and  quality  will be  conducted to  the  local  artisan,  sample  designed products will  be reviewed and production will take place.

The "Creative  Destination" in Dhaka  will act  as the  focus  of all development actMties, creating new  designs, entirely new products, innovative packaging and ecologically acceptable goods suitable for International Buyers. The Design Centre will also market the products to generate interest of local and international buyers, supervise production, monitor quality and  organize distribution and  shipping.  This initiative  will help the  rural poor  bring prosperity and  employment to rural  areas, utilize our  natural  resources and  generally boost up the  country's economy. The Creative Destination will  establish  liaison  between market and  productive education. As  the Creative Destination with  the Design,  quality, marketing and  technological expertise is viewed as a Centre of Excellence where training  facilities,  design  and  product  development, Computer Aided  Module  [CAM]  and testing facilities are available to business enterprises and thus the Foundation will be fulfilling its prime objectives. The "Creative Destination" will pave the way towards increased national prosperity, to create rural employment and help the nation at large.


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