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Fine art of any country reflects the aesthetics, nature and attributes of its people. Many of our artists have earned respect and fame in the world by their creative work of art. The works of these famed artists are priceless and in many cases adorn the houses of rich class. However, the attraction to fine art is man's natural instinct. All people love creative work of art. There are many talented artists scattered throughout the country. Their creative works deserve appreciation from us. Our goal in this regard is to open up and broaden the space for exchange of ideas for the experienced and inexperienced in the same platform so that price does not bar an art-lover to get a creative work of art. At the same time we want to open up new markets for creative artists and students by supporting them. We have established a fine art gallery for people of all class to visit. It will create opportunity for the work of art of students to be displayed and marketed in home and abroad. As a result, strong connection will be created between academic teaching and commercial market which will benefit both. Creative Destination is thus an effort to produce new designs and new products and to promote an excellent environment for their marketing. We hope that with everyone's support and encouragement, we will strive to make it a world class organization in the near future.

There are facilities in the  Creative Destination to sell or rent  work of art which cater to the  needs of the  art-loving people of all class. At the  same time,  we  have facilities for anyone to have his or her portrait done by an artist and have it framed. Our aim through this is to promote acceptance of work of art among a wider class of people.




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