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Mr. Shanto took Germany as the model for planning and development of the nation and the country as a whole. At this time an ambitious and accomplished lady got influenced with his works and joined hands with him. She is Tahmina Chowdhury Mariam who came forward in support of Mr. Shanto leaving aside her American citizenship and luxurious life of comfort and riches. They worked together for sometime and she devoted herself to the work plan along with Mr. Shanto. Later on they decided to get married and started working for the numerous poor people who needed guidance and directives. They also decided not to have their own kid and to confine themselves to family bondage and rather work relentlessly for the emancipation of those unprivileged people. Since then the Shanto Foundation turned into Shanto-Mariam Foundation. This foundation has been working day and night and functioning for basic principles.


Proper Utilization of our Human Resources

Human resource is a vital wealth among all resources. Mr. Shanto wants to change our vast population into skilled hands and working class through job oriented education and training so that they can work at home and abroad and can earn foreign exchange for the country.


Make use of our natural Resources

Bangladesh is full of national resources. Shanto-Mariam Foundation emphasizes on design education, so that, the design educated people can utilize our vast natural resources like Jute, Bamboo, Canes and so on which are getting ruined due to improper care.


Expansion of Distance Education

Our country is being guided towards degree culture. We need job-oriented design education. In this system, we can arrange jobs for the youth at the age of 18 to 19 instead of 25 to 26 and the country will get innumeralble number of productive labour hours from skilled and energetic hands. Subsequently, higher education may be made availalble while on the job. This will ensure employment and the nation will be free from the curse of educated unemployment.


Development of Cultural Creative Education

Bangladesh is a mutual home for the people of different religion and cast. Religion is what we believe but culture is our identity. We are bound together with the ties of culture.


Mr. Shanto believes that the economic, socio-culture and even major political problems could be mostly resolved through the implementation of the programs performed by the foundation. Mr. Shanto established Shanto-Mariam Centers in each and every corner of the country to expand job oriented, creative and cultural education.

In order to make the dream true at first Mr. Shanto established the Shanto-Mariam Academy of Creative Technology and Bangladesh Institute of Art, Design and Technology (Present name Shanto-Mariam Institute of Creative Technology). To fulfill his dream then Mr. Shanto made a giant step to establish Shanto-Mariam University of Creative Technology- the first design university of this region. This university is considered to have unique curriculum that is, both campus as well as Distance education to make it a perfect educational institution fulfilling the need of the country and its people.

As a model to the nation Mr. Shanto has started Education in exchange of work. Through this program he has been arranging employment for the helpless and distressed meritorious students under different organizations established by him and thus he has been showing a dimension to all.

Mr. Shanto has not completed his activities merely by running a University. He has integrated education to meet the need of the prevailing world market and has given an international status through the creation of a Creative Destination. This organization is propagating the creative works and products of the students far & wide in order to make it known to the would market. Simultaneously, by utilizing our natural resources the arrangements has been made to sell them to the world market. In addition, he has very recently established Shanto-Mariam Centre for Creative Media. Primarily through the Media Centre a national daily "The Daily Ajker Prattasha" is under publication and the process of broadcasting a community radio "Banglar Kontho" is also progressing. Over and above, in order to integrate the students with creative works the Production House has also started functioning. .

The gallant freedom fighter Mr. Shanto is confident that the greatest achievement is the independence of the country while the freedom fighters who were committed to sacriflce their lives are the greatest children of the nation. So he wants that the freedom struggle should be documented to the present generation. As an example to do so he has established the foundation namely the "Shahid Mukti Jodhya Smrity Foundation" commemorating the death of the Co-fighters who fought for the liberation of the country and sacrificed their lives. Meanwhile the welfare activities of Shanto-Mariam Foundation as well as the educative programs pointing towards appropriate line of action has been acclaimed widely by different classes of people from high  & low and from within  & outside the country, Those  who visited  the university have spoken very high of that Among those who visited the university were Ministers, Secretaries, Ambassadors and Educationists at various levels.

This Foundation also celebrates the national and religious programs with due solemnity and religious fervor, Shanto-Mariam Foundation, in addition to its normal activities extends services to people in distress and affected by natural calamities, The foundation has constructed 10 houses for permanent living of those whose houses have  been devastated by the cyclone

'Sidar'  at Shoronkhola Shanto-Mariam Foundation is determined to elevate the  laval  of  job-oriented, creative & cultural education of the country to international standard. In order  to implement these objectives the foundation has accomplished agreements for co-operation and exchange with various institutions & universities, Among them are Edexcel International, UK for  job-oriented education, Niederrhein University of  Applied Sciences, Germany for  Textile  & Design Education and Pearl Academy of Fashion, India for Design Education, Very recently, the  foundation has started Confucius class room for teaching Chinese Language and  expansion of  education & culture through a cultural exchange agreement with  China Radio International (CRI).

Shanto-Mariam Foundatioin has received wide acclamation from the people of this country as a centre for job-orientation, creative & cultural education, Shanto-Mariam Foundation is determined to create enlightened people & to make the nation happy & prosperous through creative and job-oriented education, in addition to creative system of education so that the country can be proud of its education system in the world & they believe that the country will stand erect with ita head high in the global community of nations & brighten its flag with the green & red color.

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